DJ & Sound Services

In the world of DJ services there are many variables that determine the success of your event.  The most important ingredient to an awesome party is that your DJ/MC has the ability to connect with the crowd, and connect with everyone on the dance floor.  I pride myself on being able to do just that, and it helps me create an awesome party atmosphere.  DJ'ing isn't just about spinning top 40 hits, the electric slide, and the chicken dance... It is about creating a fun, unique, and comfortable space for people to let rip and dance the night away.  

Our DJ & Sound Services offer:

  • An EXTENSIVE music collection.  If you ask for it, and I don't have it.  I will get it for you.  :)
  • High end sound equipment that will make ANY music sound great.
  • Professional Light show that is automated, and adapts to the music!
  • Haze Machine (NOT FOG!) Available if your venue allows it.  (Makes the lights pop and adds atmosphere) Haze is not fog... please enquire for more details!


  • A professional, and friendly MC/DJ who is comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people, and will ensure the party stays moving and guests having a great time!


Interested in Karaoke?  Let me know!  I have been trying to decide whether to add it to my services!


Please contact us for a quote for your event today.